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The Big Ring before the Battel

Kaiju Big Battel: The TV Pilot Kaiju chaos reigns as the Big Battel tapes a TV Pilot. Starring: H.I.T. vs Giii, Apes of Wraths vs Sea Amigos, Pedro vs Potato, Super Wrong vs Dusto, & Main Event.

Battel 5: Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle vs Dr. Cube

Soup's first choice for an opponent, Uchu Chu the Space Bug, was jumped by a pair of towering Super Minions before he could even enter the ring. So instead of the bug, Kung-Fu got the baddest guy of all - Dr. Cube! The Swarm had other ideas however, and unleashed an insectoid attack on both Cube and the Can, seeking revenge on behalf of their leader. Only by combining their forces were the two mortal enemies able to exterminate the creepy crawlers.

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