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The Big Ring before the Battel

Kaiju Big Battel: The TV Pilot Kaiju chaos reigns as the Big Battel tapes a TV Pilot. Starring: H.I.T. vs Giii, Apes of Wraths vs Sea Amigos, Pedro vs Potato, Super Wrong vs Dusto, & Main Event.

Battel 4: Dusto Bunny vs
Super Wrong

The rules were simple - first one to stuff their opponent into the Mocky Tomb of Doom would be the winner. For such a monumental Battel, Super Wrong planned a special entrance complete with confetti cannons and backup dancers 3-2-1 Party!. For a moment it even looked like Super Wrong could match up with Dusto Bunny. But in the end, Dusto's Heroic strength was too much for Super Wrong to handle and he wasted no time stuffing the dancing fool into the Mocky box, before slamming the lid on the match. Being a kind and wise Hero, Dusto then offered his hand to Super Wrong in friendship and together they danced the night away.