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Kaiju Big Battel

A Letter from the Commissioner

Dear Kaiju Fans.

We hope everybody had a great round of holidays to close out the year. 2014 was a really exciting time that took Kaiju to all kinds of new places around the U.S. Celebrating 20 years of Kaiju with a record amount of shows in familiar places as well as new was the best part. It was great to meet so many new fans as well as see some faces from the early days at the shows. As 2015 gets rolling and new ideas come to fruition, we want to say one more time how grateful all of us are for everything that you fans have made posable. Kaiju would be nothing without the dedication and generosity that each of you have brought.

As always, Danger Can Happen, so watch each others back.

The Kaiju Commissioner

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Shpadoinkel Mania 20 Overview

Kaiju of the Week pic

Louden attempted to retire at Shpadoinkel Mania 20 using some experimental technology. the scientists at Robodynamics developed a portal that could link to alternate timelines. They dubbed it the "Infinity Portal" louden wanted to go to a timeline where he was not only famous but fabulously rich. But as they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

To start out the show Louden tested the new tech by bringing thru the "Infinity Portal" a hero from another time and place; Pheydan, the inter-dimensional traveler. He Quickly put down Yarsminko, ordered a pizza and proved the portal was safe.

The pizza however didn't arrive in 30 min or less so Pheyden set out looking for a local falafel joint.

Kaiju of the Week pic

Lets jump forward to the main event. #13 VS Steam powered Tentacle Boulder fought a long and grueling battel to gain the right to hold the belt. Boulder looked like he was going to take it after successfully hitting #13 from the top rope. #13 however had a final trick up his sleeve. In a last desperate attempt #13 tangled boulders tentacles up in the ropes, exited the ring and toppled the Empire State Building on boulders "head". The knock to his noggin rendered him dazed, at witch point #13 grabbed a bottle of "Hell Water" and dumped it down Boulders pipe, extinguishing his flame.

Kaiju of the Week pic

Question of the week?

Is that a real quote?


News and Notes

French Toast releases his own branded Pencil Box.

Metal Wing Black takes up wheel of ambulance in CA.

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Spiders force Sun Buster from upscale home

Grudyin survives 6-story fall down trash chute.

Commissioner breaks ankle in charity fun run.

Kaiju Toy Kiosk has not been Updated.

Kid Deviler heads to singing school.

Salbino Inc. cuts staff by 33%.


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Boulder had only minutes to live unless someone somehow could relight the fire that kept his alive. Dr. Cube, sporting an ugly sweater, came out to taunt the dying hero. The door bell on the Infinity Portal rang. Dr. Cube thinking the pizza has finally arrived opens it, but who should appear but an alternate Dr. Cube.

Dr. Cube accused Sweater Cube of being an impostor stating "You sir, and I use that term loosely, are an impostor, I know for a fact that the Dr. Cube from this timeline is dead, his body dumped into the Gulf of Mexico... and besides I would never wear a sweater so ugly as that, it makes my eyes bleed". The door rang again and Dr. Cube was now joined by another Dr. Cube. The two alternate time line Cubes attacked the impostor. 16.34 seconds later a third Cube appeared thru the portal and the impostor decided to flee. The alternate Cube's decided to turn their fury upon a unconscious Boulder.

Kaiju of the Week pic

The portal released 17 more cubes in the ensuing moments. They all beat mercilessly on Boulder. It looked like a no win situation for Boulder and the world. The door rang once more. Everything stopped.

When nothing came out, Louden acting ether bravely or stupidly depending which timeline you are from, decided to answer the door. Perhaps it was the pizza Louden thought as his mind was in a state of shock witnessing the multitude of Cubes. he opened the door, it was indeed the pizza.

Kaiju of the Week pic

The pizza, it had roni, was being delivered by non other than an alternate timeline Silver Potato. Potato upon seeing the herd of Cubes beating on Boulder, snapped and single handedly fought them all off freeing Boulder from the onslaught

Louden took this opportunity to relight boulders flame, thus saving his life. louden then said his good buys and headed to the Infinity Portal and his retirement. While dialing in the coordinates Louden managed to break the portal beyond repair.

Louden told the crowd "I can't retire now, not with 20 Dr. Cubes now running lose in our world. Thats just too much Danger for the Kaiju Heros to handle. They can't handle this alone... I'm need to stay. They need my help. This world would be doomed with out me


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