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Party Time!

A Message from the Kaiju Commissioner

Hello Kaiju faithful it's me it me "Commissioner" Dundee!! How you ask? Well let's say a virtual trip to Vegas and and few side bets , anyway it's official , This official is officially the "Commissioner" Of Kaiju Big Battel and I now even get my owne desk. It's got a built in paper shreader and a red phone to call other important people. More on that later. Here are in the midst of new horizons, have you checked out our YOUTUBE AND Twitch streams with live chat interaction and other surprises? No? Well check them out as more will be coming your way soon, Also check out our special merchandise at a Prowrestling tees store for our exclusive line of Tee shirts and Face Masks. Plus at the classic Kaiju mall at Kaiju.com we have our Kekeshi toys and all the dvds your hearts crave and lest we forget our new book. We hope you are all staying healthy and safe and be prepared for our eventual Big return.

Remember Monsters are real and danger can happen, so wear the mask!!

"Commissioner" Dundee


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quick mall


Kaiju Publishes It's Third Book!

Right on the heels of nothing happening for several months, Kaiju Big Battel attacks the world of publishing. Kaiju brings the monster mayhem of its sold-out live shows to libraries and bookshelves across America with its newest book, Kaiju Big Battel:1001 Kaiju Fun Facts. The 104 page publication is now available exclusively at Kaiju.com. for only $10

Kaiju book

Have you ever wondered how many teeth Sky Devilers have? How many sanctioned Big Battels have occurred in the state of Maine? How Dr. Cube makes Minions? The answer to these questions and more are revealed in Kaiju's new book, Kaiju Big Battel:1001 Kaiju Fun Facts. It's 104 pages of fun, entertainment, and enjoyment, with over 100 mostly never before seen illustrations.

So pick up your copy today and get studying for a Kaiju trivia night near you.

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Metal Wing Black Music review

Hey Guys and Gals. Being the resident Musical Guru ain't easy. So for my first review I'll be presenting the greatest virtuoso of anyone's time. Prince of the Piano, the killer of keys, the man so great they gave him a first and last name that he never changed, the one and only Victor Borge. Oh you never heard of him ? Go get cultured!

Metal Wing out



What Is Kaiju?


Kaiju Kaikeshi Sale

We made these green Kaikeshi as exclusives for our live shows and con appearances but due to the state of the world thats not going to happen. We decided to throw caution to the wind and put them up on the web so we can make some money and pay the rent. These luscious lime green guys are limited to 200 sets. We also have a small number of Glow in the Dark sets available.


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