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The Big Ring before the Battel

Kaiju Big Battel: The TV Pilot Kaiju chaos reigns as the Big Battel tapes a TV Pilot. Starring: H.I.T. vs Giii, Apes of Wraths vs Sea Amigos, Pedro vs Potato, Super Wrong vs Dusto, & Main Event.

Battel 3: Pedro Plantian vs Silver Potato

Before the Battel began, the nefarious Dr. Cube nearly shut down the city before snatching the Sky Deviler egg and introducing his wicked henchman, Silver Potato. The Hero-turned-murderer soon found himself at the mercy of the very angry, chainsaw-wielding, Pedro Plantain. A zombie Pablo Plantain soon emerged to double team Pedro however, and the rotten Potato managed to get the drop on the remaining half of Los Plantanos. The odds were evened though when Powa Ranjuru made the save and dispatched both the zombie and Potato with ease.