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The Big Ring before the Battel

Kaiju Big Battel: The TV Pilot Kaiju chaos reigns as the Big Battel tapes a TV Pilot. Starring: H.I.T. vs Giii, Apes of Wraths vs Sea Amigos, Pedro vs Potato, Super Wrong vs Dusto, & Main Event.

Battel 1: Hero In Training vs Giii the Space Pirate

The ribbon wasn't even cut, when Kaiju's historical TV pilot was busted up by the astro-buccaneer/mercenary Giii the Space Pirate. On the payroll of Dr. Cube, Giii tore up the Big Ring and menaced all, until the Hero In Training (H.I.T.) passed his gut check test, and came to clean house. Unfortunately, no amount of itern spunk could overcome Giii's experience and he quickly shivered the H.I.T.'s timbers. Luckily, Neo Teppen and Tadd Braddley were there to save the day and make everyone realize that pirates are sooooo 2005.