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Shadow Trooper Robo

Name: Shadow Trooper
Type: Once good, gone rouge round-head robo
Height: 170 meters
Weight: 278 metric tons
Attack: Hazard kick, big steel bomb breaker, mechanical lift, global head butt
Win/Lose: 6/11
Allies: Atomic Trooper, Club Sandwich, Goldenrod
Enemies: Dr. Cube, Mota Naru, Slo Feng, Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle

Is mysterious troubled robo trooper loving quickest speed and danger fun. The teen time he was lovering of spandex muscle car Shadow Trooper collide with hazard dragger driver. Shadow wears globe-helmet uniform now fearful of mirrors and to protect big hair fashion type. Being shadowy rebel type of Robo Trooper group. Can he be saved? Or will Shadow Trooper blackout to dark side.

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