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Midori no Kaiju

Name: Midori no Kaiju
Type: Cube's greenish terror lizard
Height: 6200 cubits
Weight: 75 Osaka city buses
Attack: Midori no punchu, spit deadly paralysis, power pinch
Win/Lose: 9/27
Allies: Dr. Cube, Multimoog, Dino Kang Jr.
Enemies: Powa Ranjuru, Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle, Cycloptopuss

Cranky, is the greenish terror lizard. He came this planet because on Mars having no more cities to destroyed. He can see in two directions all the time because having long snail-style eyestalk. Because so big, always breaking building. Green skin is from living in the deepest ocean and being very dirty? He is the monster hates heroes additionally humans.

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