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Polo Cato

Name: Polo Cato
Type: Dr. Cube's giant-class smell creature
Height: 450 meters
Weight: 500 tons of kitty litter
Specific Gravity: 1.097
Attack: Stealth stink bomb, litter boxing, rabid prick, raised-tail torture, noxious half-nelson
Win/Lose: 3/17
Allies: Dr. Cube, Multimoog Enemies: Tomato juice, American Beetle, Dusto Bunny, Sky Deviler, Club Sandwich

Polo Cato is lovable American-style giant class smell creature. Once in past time, Polo Cato almost road killed over by semi while crossing highway, so ran into Hokkaido Nuclear Reactor which caused biggest size change. All this could not be so! But having the fifty hundred foot tail with matching arm any ways. He can be identify with black and white hair and horrible odor.

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