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Crosstown Pollination

Carolyn Chin was a good girl. A hardworking retail saleswoman residing in Manhattan, she started at a downtown Banana Republic and worked her way uptown to Barney's. She was what you'd call a "hot ticket." She was smart, funny, beautiful, and always on her toes - the perfect saleswoman. Although she felt a little underchallenged telling "cosmo" New Yorkers and European tourists how muscular their butts looked in overpriced pants, she mostly led a content life.

One spring day, while taking the 6 Train to her SoHo apartment, an anonymous evildoer dumped a 12-ton pollen bomb in the subway tunnel. The pollen count was dangerously high. A life-threatening sneezing bout put Carolyn in the hospital for weeks and the attack ruined her immune system: her doctor prescribed Selldame and required her to wear a cumbersome air-respirator for the rest of her life.

For the rest of her life? Yep, her retail career was finished. Who would buy a Givinchy cashmere scarf from a woman in an industrial respirator mask? Image-conscious customers would run. Management had no choice but to lay her off.

Carolyn was mortified. She retreated to the Hamptons to stay at her brother's boyfriend's oceanside home. Possessed by guilt, shame, and thoughts of revenge, the "modern woman" decided to hunt down the perpetrator. The FBI was offering a reward for information on the pollen bombing, so Carolyn became a bounty hunter. After investigating the crime for 6 months, she was convinced that Dr. Cube's Posse were the culprits.

To distinguish herself from other monster bounty hunters, she pulled a couple of strings and arranged for a customized golden raincoat (made in Italy, of course) to be her veritable fortress. It was bulletproof, fireproof, and even toxic-slime-proof. Since she already had a gas mask to protect her from every airborne particle imaginable, her weapons of choice were gases capable of making monsters fall asleep, giggle, or cry. She never used lethal gas; she needed to bring monsters back alive for the FBI's big reward. Goldenrod went on to capture some of the most dangerous monsters in history, such as Buck Truck, Lee Den Bore, and Tina "Two Ton" Tiny.

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