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Name: Multimoog
Type: Dr. Cube's triple-head behemoth
Height: 550 meters
Weight: 2,500 boxes of rocks
Attack: Sailor slap, 200 ton toe stomp, pink punch, lumbering leg drop
Win/Lose: 3/7
Allies: Dr. Cube, Beefy L'Ox
Enemies: Mota Naru, Silver Potato, Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle, Slo Feng

Multimoog have interchangeable head to suit daily mood and menu change. Poor Multimoog has the misunderstood ambitions for becoming screen actor. Witness touching performance as Robot Monster, when upstage human peer group. Because is head removable, brainpower dependent the each selection. Why did I what to deserving this? Most fashionable feets give poor dancing skills, but stomp enemy deadly.

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