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Giii the Space Pirate

Name: Giii the Space Pirate
Type: Rogue Astro-Pirate
Height: 12 Space Masts
Weight: 2089 Space Dubloons
Attack: Walking the Plank, Davey Jones' Clocker, Jolly Blodger, the Avast Blast, Kick to the Privateers
Vision: 20/20/20
Cruel Mistress: The Space Sea
Allies: None
Enemies: Kaiju Heroes, Hero Intern, Ninjas, and other anti-Pirate types

Ahoy my companion! It is that the starry Giii has the 3 eyed overseas! Giii is it exists how with no artificial leg or patch in this, but pleasant to acquired treasure on planet our? See, this how the completion Giii is on a ground for Earth: underling betrayal! As that the problem of the thing Giii liking of the sparrow. But what method was distinguishes narration Giii? Not buccaneers, but space rockets, the eye bonus, and Battel Big!

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