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Sentai JIn

Name: Sentai Jin
Type: Heavily armed hero, based in the sciences and Jujitsu
Field of View: 3 arcmin for main opt
System Focal length: 11.6 m for M.0.S.
Disposition: 1000 mm clear aperture
Attack: Fire five laser, Sentai bomb, concentration, analization
Win/Lose: 3/1
Allies: Silver Potato, Atomic Trooper, Force Trooper Robo
Enemies: Sky Deviler, Uchu Chu, Dr. Cube

Exponentially brain, Sentai Jin once being brilliant astrophysicist and lover of laser technology now hero man with forearm of missile. Saves the day, and night too, so gallant and bravest. Team Space Bug have special fear of heroic beating downs. Will Sentai Jin avenge dead assistant and lose of greatest scientific data of all earthly time? Raid no being space bug threat but look out for "Fire rocket five!" Battel cry.

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