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Name: Napalean
Type: Hugest city-crushing monster
Height: Biggest Kaiju on the block
Weight: Unknown, she broke the scale
Attack: Sleep spittle, hock hush, tail snap, neck lash, pummel punchball
Self-help lesson: Turn your problem into an opportunity
Dental lesson: Dirty teeth can be beneficial
Allies: Dr. Cube, Super Dimensional Slug 1, Hell Monkey
Enemies: Los Plantanos, Slo Feng, American Beetle
Wins/losses: 3/2

In the Japanese monster combat, if the size is being king, then handing Napalean his crown advisable for belonging to safety. A towering behemoth of evil Cube creation Napalean is fact of complicated creature down to his convoluted genetic makeup. One part gorilla arms, one part whale white size, one part armadillo armor, one part accidental poppy seed make whole parts gigantic heavy crushing monster. Tough monster with soft name adds to ironic pain and sting on opponents. Hock sleeping spit being silly is all moreover the dangerous.

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