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Kaiju Big Battel
Uchu Chu vs Neo Teppen

The Fighto of the Nighto

California is About to

Its zero hour, as Kaiju Big Battel is only days away from rocking the west coast in a back to back, bumper to bumper, belly to belly suplex of monster proportions hitting San Francisco and Los Angeles this week! Tickets are moving fast for Kaiju's big return to California, so don't wait any longer!

San Francisco Big Battel
With: Busdriver and Rocktapussy
When: Wed, Nov 19. 8:00 PM
Where: The Grand Ballroom at the Regency Center, San Francisco, CA
Tickets: $20, All Ages. Ticketmaster.com and all Ticketmaster locations.

Los Angeles Big Battel
With: Busdriver and Rocktapussy
When: Thu, Nov 20. 8:00 PM
Where: Mayan Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
Tickets: $25, All Ages. Ticketmaster.com and all Ticketmaster locations.

There at least four exciting fightos lined up for both nights, but you never know when an impromptu Battel might break out too!

Kaiju Championship Match:
Neo Teppen (c) vs Uchu Chu

In round 3 of their famous feud, can Teppen settle the score for good?

Hero Intervention, Take 2:
Pedro Plantain vs Dusto Bunny

Can Dusto get the renegade Plantain back on the track of righteousness?

Double Danger Tandem Title Match:
The Furious Furries (c) vs The Sea Amigos

Can the deep-sea devastators sink Dr. Cube's Furries, or will the hairy beasts clog the drain towards Amigos victory?

French-American War of 2008:
American Beetle vs French Toast

Can world peace be achieved in this epic Battel between Kaiju Heroes?

Who's The Boss? RoBox in Charge

The Kaiju Commissioner announced today that he will not be attending the shows in California this week, as he has been invited to a series of secret meetings/dinner dates with a fellow Austrian political figure. While the Commissioner declined to name his host, experts believe the man may be former California Highway Patrolman Erik Estrada.

As a result, RoBox has been modified with an Official Judgement Level 64 Chip of Strength, which will raise his Authority points by 7 and allow him to equip maces. More importantly, however, is that the upgrade means RoBox will be in charge of the proceedings in California. Experts agree that this is a flawless plan that has very little potential to go wrong. 

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Intern On Alert

It was only a few months ago when Hero Intern '08 was in the biggest fight of his life, teaming with Kaiju Hero American Beetle against human pro wrestler Chris Hero and the dastardly Dr. Cube. Although the Heroes were defeated, they showed plenty of fight and valor. The loss marked only the second defeat for the Intern, who has victories over Unibouzu, The Grudyin, and Tucor, among others. And while it may look like the Heavy Metal Hero might be sitting out this week's action, don't be so sure.

The Intern has been placed on High Alert and is first on the response list in the event of a surprise monster attack. In the past, that responsibility had fallen to Sun Buster, but he is still recovering from a broken hand suffered from a sneak attack by Chris Hero. And with RoBox typically second on the standard list but now in charge of the proceedings, Intern '08 is the only Hero on standby! Fortunately, California has one of the world's best Heroes watching over them, and if he's pressed into action, we have no doubt Hero Intern '08 will save the day. 

Question of the Week

Do monsters get jet-lagged?

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